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If you ever ask yourself, ‘Do I draw the backgound first or at the end?’ then this course is for YOU! In addition to reviewing the characteristics and applications of colored pencils, each student will broaden their individual skill set by learning how to render a variety of surfaces and textures, and add speical effects. We will explore the use of solvents to blend wax-based pencils, and discuss when and how much color wash to put down as an underlay for a watercolor pencil drawing. Most importantly, students will learn to choose the optimal process for their chosen work, namely the best layer order of color placement based on pencil type, paper color, artistic style and subject matter. Each has its own unique set of rules and procedures. Class participants will be limited to 8. Class will not meet April 9 nor April 16. Materials to start: 9×12 pad of Canson XL Mixed Media white paper; Set of Colored Pencils (wax-based and/or watercolor pencils); Handheld pencil sharpener; Pocket folder or manila envelope to store reference hand-out sheets.


May 28 2024


10:30 am - 12:30 pm




Moki Kokoris
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