A legacy gift is any gift that will be made in the future, for the future. Forward-thinking and caring individuals secure their legacy by including Founders Hall in their estate planning, thus ensuring Founders Hall will be available for future generations.

A common form of legacy gifts is a bequest, that is, naming Founders Hall as a beneficiary of a will, retirement account, insurance policy or other asset. Your trusted financial advisor can provide information about potential tax benefits of leaving a bequest.

We honor individuals who have notified us of their intent to leave a bequest to Founders Hall by including them in Founders Circle. We are very grateful for their generosity, forethought, and care, which will provide Founders Hall programs in perpetuity. Founders Circle members receive a designation in our annual impact report and are invited to special social events.

If you would like additional information on how to join Founders Circle, please contact Cindy Nesbitt, Director of Development, at 203-431-7000.

These individuals are Founders Circle members:

Anonymous (2) *
Joan Antkiw *
Stephen Antkiw *
Rose M. Antonucci *
Theresa Bach
Bonnie Barrett
Anita Barrios
Lori Berisford
John Berisford
Lee V. Blum*
Joan Bubert
Fran Caldwell
Max Caldwell *
Jim Christiano
Jeanne Cook *
Elaine Couri
John Couri
Deanna Cunningham
Jack Daniels *
Julienne Daniels

Joe Giacone
Pat Giacone
Richard Godbout
Evelyn Godbout
Liz Goldstone
Steve Goldstone
Nina Gregory
Maryann Grierson
Peter Grierson
Emelie Howard *
Claudia Kelly
Jim Kelly *
Aline Lawrence *
Tom Lesko
Dolores MacNeill
Janet Gebbia Mannuccia
Sal Mannuccia
Anne Martin
Linda Massie
Stephanie McCormack
Anne Scott
Roger Scott
Lori Seibert
Ted Seibert
Dean Miller
Theresa Miller
Pamela F. Morganti *
Robert J. Morganti *
Helen Morse *
Cindy Nesbitt
Beverly Osgood
Bill Osgood
Charles Pankenier *
Joanne Patrick
Helene Taylor
Katherine A. Van Den Ameele *
Edward W. Van Den Ameele *
Alayne Vlachos
John Patrick
Carol M. Perine
Christina Phillips
Candace Plechavicius
Mary Laura Pritchard
Tom Pritchard *
Goldie Robitaille
Donald E. Rose
Peter. G. Rose
Bobbie Schneider *
Janet Oakley Wallace
William L. Wallace *
Bill Weber
Edna Weber
* In grateful memory
Updated 5/25/2021

Donor Spotlight: After a 30-year career in real estate, longtime Ridgefielder and new retiree Tina Phillips found herself alone when her husband died suddenly. She joined Founders Hall, which became her place to meet friends, take a class, and rekindle her lifelong passion for art. Then she offered to teach an art class, and the merging of passion and work changed Tina’s life.

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and your passion come together,” Tina said. “I am forever grateful to Founders Hall for giving me the opportunity to ‘reinvent’ myself and use my lifelong love and gift of art to fulfill my life, and to share my gift with others. I joined Founder’s Circle so that this amazing asset for seniors continues to change lives, like it changed mine.”