Through their generous gifts, our supporters ensure that Founders Hall members have opportunities to connect with each other, with interesting subjects, with stimulating hobbies, with important places and with current technology. Our donors have a positive effect on the lives of 3,300 people. Join this community of caring people today. Every gift is important.

Annual Giving

Your gift – at any level – is vital support that furthers the important mission of Founders Hall. Annual gifts help us connect seniors with the subjects, places and people that inspire them. Make your gift today.

Monthly Giving

Monthly donors provide a steady income that Founders Hall relies on throughout the year, which makes it easier to plan and implement programs. Monthly donations are made via a credit card we keep on file. They save time and paper because monthly donors do not receive Founders Hall appeal letters. We send our monthly donors a thank you letter in January that serves as an annual receipt and shows the total gifts in the previous year. Monthly donors can change their payment method, or even cancel, at any time.

We are very grateful to our monthly donors for this dependable support. If you want to be a monthly Founders Hall supporter, call or email Tracy Dubin, Programs Assistant, or visit the donation page.

Gift of Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

The Internal Revenue Service requires minimum distributions at age 72 from tax-deferred retirement accounts, such as IRA, 401(k), and 403(b). By gifting all or part of your RMD to Founders Hall through a direct transfer from your retirement account custodian, you can satisfy your RMD without affecting your income, which may lower your taxable income. Your trusted financial advisor can provide advice specific to your unique situation.

Tribute Gifts

When making your gift, you may indicate if it is in honor of or in memory of someone special. Some Founders Hall donors honor or memorialize friends, family, Founders Hall members or staff. A special section of our annual impact report lists the honorees’ names, thus acknowledging these touching tribute gifts.

Matching Gifts

Some companies match or even double the gifts made by their employees and/or retirees to charities. This is a wonderful way to increase your impact on the mission of Founders Hall. Usually the employee/retiree has to fill out a form provided by the company and give it to Stephanie Campbell, Director of Development. Ask your company’s human resources department about matching gifts today.

Gifts of Stock or Securities

Gifting publicly traded stocks or securities furthers our mission and may have tax benefits to you. Your trusted financial advisor can provide advice specific to your unique situation. If you would like to make this type of gift, please contact Stephanie Campbell, Director of Development, at 203-431-7000.

Name Founders Hall as a Beneficiary

Donors link their legacy with Founders Hall by naming Founders Hall as beneficiary of a will, insurance policy, retirement account or other asset. Learn more about legacy giving at Founders Hall on our Legacy Giving page.

Donor Spotlight

When Craig Johnson tried to join Founders Hall, he was turned away. Why? He wasn’t old enough. He was interested in the woodcarving hobby group, and didn’t realize Founders Hall membership is for people 60 and older. So as soon as he was eligible, he came to Founders Hall and was sure to bring his checkbook with him, thinking there was a fee to join.
He was stunned to learn that Founders Hall – with its beautiful building, plethora of classes, and abundance of activities – has no membership fee. An adherent of the philosophy “those who can, should” Craig quickly became an annual donor. He recently switched his giving to a monthly plan, which he prefers. “It is easy and Founders Hall receives it in an even stream, which I think is better,” Craig said. “The opportunities Founders Hall gives us are incredible. The least I can do is donate every month.”