Buddhism Tuesday

2500 years ago, a young prince puzzled over his place in the world and set out to find an answer. The result of that quest was his awakening as the Buddha. But what did the Buddha see, and how did his insights transform into the buddhism of today? Buddhism is neither a religion, nor a philosophy, nor is it a psychology. So what is it? This class will give an introduction to the history and the enduring ideas and practices that make up buddhism. The emphasis will be on how the teachings of the Buddha in India 25 centuries ago – which addressed human existence – remain relevant today. The lectures will be accessible with plenty of time for exchange and discussion. No prior knowledge of buddhism is assumed. Lectures are cumulative and it is best to attend them all.

Class 1: The life of the Buddha; Class 2: Basic ideas – four Noble Truths; Class 3: Buddhism through the ages; Class 4: Basic ideas – compassion and wisdom; Class 5: The Buddhism of Tibet; Class 6: Basic ideas – everyone a Buddha, naturally


Apr 09 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm




Founders Hall Staff
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