Mike Settanni


History Lecturer

When Mr. Michael Settanni says that history can be fun,
#1) prepare to laugh,
#2) pay rapt attention, and
#3) learn all that you've ever wanted to know about a historical subject but were afraid to ask.

Born April 7, 1956 in Brooklyn, Mike graduated from Lincoln High School in 1974. Right after high school he worked on Wall Street until 1987. That year, Mike took his accent to San Diego and graduated Summa Cum Laude with distinction in History from San Diego State University in 1994. He taught history at La Mesa Middle School from January 1995 to June 2001. He won the California League of Middle Schools Educator of the Year award for 1997-98. Mike also graduated from National University in California in January 2001 with his Master's Degree in Educational Administration.
Mike then came back East and taught at East Ridge Middle School for a year, then taught at Scott's Ridge Middle School from November 2002 until June 2006. He moved back to East Ridge in September 2006 where he has been ever since. He was the Ridgefield Teacher of the Year in 2008.