Silhouette Art

The main focus of this course is to create infilled silhouettes that make a staement by evoking an emotion or addressing an environmental issue. They can be theme-based wilderness landscapes, celestial scenes, botanical, comical, literary, or simply artistic in nature. Examples: Bird-shaped silhouette infilled with musical notation, polar bear-shaped silhouette infilled with icebergs and aurora, howling wolf-shaped silhouette infilled with moon and night sky, cat-shaped silhouette infilled with mice, wine glass silhouette infilled with an Italian villa, silhouette of Godzilla infilled with the NYC skyline, silhouette of Shakespeare infilled with handwritten sonnets. Let your creativity and imagination run wild! Materials: options wil be disussed during the first class, and will depend on indvidual design choices. Class participants will be limited to 8.


Feb 27 2024


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Moki Kokoris
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