Music with Michael Lankester: The Sense of an Ending

The list of works of art, literature and music left unfinished by their creators is not only vast but contains some of the most-loved treasures that we know. The world of literature abounds in such works, from Chaucer and Shakespeare to Dickens and Kafka. Artists from Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Turner and Cezanne have left us with an enormous legacy of unfinished paintings and sculptures. Similarly, composers from Bach to Berg and Mozart to Mahler have left us a wealth of compositions which, though incomplete, have become an irreplaceable part of the standard repertoire. 1. Bach & Mozart – The art of Fugue, Zaide & Requiem 2. Schubert – Piano Sonata in C major & Symphony No.8. 3. Weber – Der Drei Pintos 4. Mahler – Symphony No.10. 5. Bruckner – Symphony No.9. 6. Mussorgsky – Khovanshchina. 7. Puccini – Turandot. 8. Elgar –  Symphony No.3.

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