Film: Robbery Zoom

Bob Klaeger presents ten movies that involve relieving institutions (mainly) of valuables, mainly cash, but also gold bars, and in one case a large room full of diamonds. Oh yeah, there are some guys (nice guys, you’ll root for them) in pursuit of 50,000 cases of Scotch. Something goes wrong with the plan in most cases, and the fun is in the suspense of seeing if the crew gets away with it. Robbers range from true professionals (The Asphalt Jungle and Ocean’s 11 – yes, there are two VERY different versions of Ocean’s 11), to a bunch of Scots fishermen (Whiskey Galore), to two elderly gentlemen who reside in a seedy London residential hotel (The Lavender Hill Mob). I hope you can join us. Due to technical requirements, all Zoom attendees will tune in from 1-4 PM on Mondays. Class will not meet Tuesday, May 10 or Monday, May 30.

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