Jean Linville

Jean has been an arts educator for over 30 years, who has taught students of varying ages and ability. She truly believes that each person has the capacity to learn how to express themselves creatively. She particularly enjoys helping students discover their own potential and passion, while also teaching them skills that aid them in growing as creative individuals. In addition to being an arts educator, Jean is also a practicing artist who works a variety of media, both 2D and 3D. Her focus is on creating eco-focused, meditative art in partnership with nature. It is her hope that the work she creates will encourage others to rediscover the value of slowing their pace and opening themselves to the beauty, wonder and healing properties of the natural world. In addition to a B.S. in Art Education, Jean has a Masters of Arts and a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has exhibited regularly in the Northeast in solo and group shows and was inducted into the National Association of Women Artists in 2004. Jean lives in Ridgefield and also teaches at Briarcliff High School in Westchester County.